SECRETS OF THE SEA                    

Could it be some clandestine plan
That brought me here to the waves

To see the creativity of someone else's hand,
And to behold it's mysterious beauty?

My heart within me swells at the relentless
Advance and retreat of layers of blue-green and white.

My feet sink deep into the sand as I sit on a drift log
That's come to rest on land,

The ambivalence of the waves brings things to rest
At the end of its many tongues,

I see tiny crab shells, an occasional star fish,
Sea gull carcasses...

And jewels of sea hewn stone, colored shell and
Other precious lovely things to take home.

I love the sea, it leaves its mark on the land
And me.

by Cheryl Ellen Baxter ©          


Psalm 69:34 -- Let heaven and earth praise Him, The seas and everything that moves in them.