Concrete pillars undergird all
The words I've ever heard....

Infrastructure...building blocks
Stacked one by one as cradle

Rocks, with gentle wooing of the
The tongue...or wayward words

Obliquely strung...obeisant homage,
Jack of hearts...destroys or builds

Kingdoms not yet formed...construct
Of would be kings and queens, while

Fear sits glassy eyed, beckons travelers
To come inside its den of death, gloom,

And destruction...pessimism crafter's
Leave their mark, on target with cruise

Accuracy, spewing red hot word rocks
In an age of innocence...yes...it's an

Age of innocence!

by Cheryl Ellen Baxter ©          


Jack of Hearts is about speaking life or speaking death. Positively impacting or negatively impacting others. Especially babies and children. The power of the tongue helps to build strength or weakness. Building up or tearing down. One's a blessing, the other's a curse.

The words we speak become foundational in those that we influence. They become pillars of concrete, undergirding others, and ourselves in the way we view the world around us. Once the concrete sets, it takes a lot to demolish the pillars; a jack-hammer, bulldozer, or even an earthquake to tear them down. The speech that we use with others and ourselves, builds up an infrastructure within the speaker and the listener.

Don't allow someone to speak death into your life, and don't do it to someone else. Children can't choose how adults speak to them, but we can choose how we speak into their lives and others, as well as our own self talk. Speak Life! --Cheryl
Proverbs 18:21 -- Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof